High Quality

The whole process quality control, international standard verification system certification and safety production, testing.

Full Automation

Using automatic high-speed production equipment, efficient intelligent mechanization automation production, product quality is stable.


Based on the quality and process management of the data, monitor the improvement of each part of the running system to improve quality.

Super Clean

With 100,000-level purification and dust-free workshop, provide professional medical grade product production and quality management.

R & D Center

Establish a Shanghai International Material Research Center to establish a provincial enterprise product research and development center.

Shape Shape
ODM Design ODM Design

Starland (Shandong) Hygiene Products Co., Ltd.

Starland (Shandong) Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. is an international company specializing in the field of Incontinence supplies, integrating global Incontinence supplies OEM manufacturers, ODM designers and distributors.

  • Market demand survey
  • Project selling point analysis
  • Product technology plan
  • Product process and configuration table
  • Sample Service
  • Performance test